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OXS Slipeezy Team Model (One off)

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The OXS Slipeezy Traction Series. Utilizing full interchangeable board characteristics giving the best tuned performance for the rider! Made to perform in shallow water, on rails, slides, jibs and maximum pop.

Medium Team model Slipeezy size at 103cm x 50cm. A slightly smaller outline suited to a smaller rider or someone who knows what they're doing when it comes to flatland. Produced in the Feather Flex lay up which is suited to someone who wants plenty of pop and a lighter layup than standard. The regular, slightly stiffer lay up is better suited to a heavier or more aggressive rider. Don't get this expecting for the longest slides of your life, get this for the easiest to throw around Flatland board.

-Rider weight range 50kg-90kg

Board laminates will stay the same but all traction colour options are available for these boards. Black, black camo, blue, white and red.

This is what you want if you after the highest performing Flatland board!
-Laminated marine ply
-Formica top and bottom sheets
-Composite inlay.
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