Australia Only Shipping Discount

Hey Australia, it must be hard having so many beaches and no local manufacturer but I have something for you. How does half price shipping for the Month of November sound?

That means foam skimboards being sent on 3-10 business day post for $40 or wood boards for $30. Wood works out cheaper due to their small size.

Going one deal further, grab an even better deal with 10% off for a couple boards…. Details here.

The dollar works even further in your favour here so skim on in.

See you at the beach.


10% Off For You & Your Friends

Bang for your buck is important. Learning to spell is importanter.

Luckily you’re probably here to buy a Skimboard and not learn how to spell. I have had this deal going for a little while and here it is again. Short and sweet version here

If you’re not interested in the video then the discount code for 2 boards is “alittlebitofeverything”. This applies for the skimmer wanting more than 1 board or a great deal for you and a friend.

The full video and original blog post can be found here.

Get amongst it, the Sun is here.

See you at the beach.


Skim Spots & How To Find Them

I’ve being using Google Maps to find skim spots from day 1. Entry points to funny beaches, creeks, estuaries, slope potential, the list goes on and on. Any keen Skimboarder will find themselves using birds eye imagery to their advantage from time to time. Here is my video about how to take advantage of it

Happy hunting.

See you at the beach.


SKIM TRIP! Far North NZ April 19-23

My favourite thing with Skimboarding is meeting new people and sharing a skim session or 5 together. The best way to do this is to plan a trip set aside for just this. I will get the vitals out of the way first with the video and Facebook event page.

Anyway the big one here is where we will be staying? I can’t make any set in stone decisions here as we have a selection of campgrounds at our fingertips that will suit all skim conditions and locations. This is going to focus around the areas of Houhora, Rarawa Beach and more excitingly Spirits Bay or Taputaputa.

The main focus for the trip is the beautiful Cape Maria Van Diemen and after a recent trip, Spirits Bay. Obviously the weather plays a major role in this but I will have all forecasts covered with options.

CMVD Froth monster
CMVD beauty
Devon at Spirits Bay
There is some fantastic Flatland available there too!

I’m sure if this sounds like a bit of you, you’ve probably already heard a bit about these places and as I run things in a fairly casual manor you are more than welcome to get in touch as I’m sure these is question to be asked. It’s also worth mentioning if you are coming from out of the area and/or flying in, I may have a spare seat in my wagon but that is more than likely going to be left up to you to sort.

Everyone is welcome but I may limit numbers if interest is there.

See you at the beach!


Watch This Before You Buy Your First Skim

Well, well, well. It’s time for your first Skimboard and you’re dabbling with something that isn’t even a Skimboard. Peep the video below

Now I’ve had quite a few weird ideas through the years, myself included. I remember watching an old Tenth St Bros video called Chapter 11 when I was young and proceeded to take the fins off an old twin fin channel bottom surfboard. It was absolutely hopeless, get a proper Skimboard!

See you at the beach!


Switch Stance Surf & Skate Papamoa – Boards Now Instore!

Tauranga! An area over the years that has been a little slow on the Skimboarding uptake which is surprising given the quality of skim (easily the best city in the country) and outdoors lifestyle. The good news is that is looks to be heading in the right direction and you now have a store helping it get there.

Switch Stance Surf & Skate is located at 10/2 Ashley Place, Papamoa Beach and has a few Gromlins on the shelves. We’re starting slowly but you can order any board that is online here and pick it up instore at Switch Stance, which is cool.

Happy skimming.

See you at the beach!


Setting Yourself Up For a Flatland Skim Session

If you’ve tried to skim Flatland in terrible conditions before you will know the pain it can cause both emotionally and physically.

You may also know the joys of ideal Flatland skim. A pleasure emotionally but probably still coupled with physical pain haha. Here’s some tips in the video below

Now you can shop Flatland boards on the store by clicking here.

See you at the beach!