Did Someone Say Skim Trip?

Over the last several years I started to plan a few trips again. I was slowly building some momentum and then a minor pandemic came along.

A couple of attempts have been made since then and this is the latest. Before I waffle on for too long, I will just drop the YouTube video on it right here

Adding to the video here is the Facebook event.

Skim trips are always a great time full of laughs, cold water (being Winter), good skim (hopefully) and a chance to meet other skimmers. Accommodation is sorted and I will provide some snacks for $20 per night per person. You can expect probably to walk a fair few kms if we get to the intended spot of Nobody’s as seen in this video

I’m not one for laying out an exact itinerary but I will keep this post updated as things eventuate, feel free to get in touch if this sounds like a bit of you. Email info@oxsskimboards.com or DM via the socials.

See you at the beach.


Update one

Updating the new “Updates” page on your semi new website in the middle of the Christmas rush doesn’t quite stand on the top of my priorities list. To say I’ve been busy is an understatement and I know fair well that there’s going to be some Skimboard shaped packages under trees.

Anyway to keep it simple and use my favourite type of media which is video, here is a video update from Instagram a few days ago.

I intend to keep this page updated with all news OXS so Keep your eyes peeled.

See you at the beach.

– Sam