Skimboarding Spots Of New Zealand – Where To Skim

New Zealand has a lot of coastline. A lot of that has been skimmed, a lot of it hasn’t.

I personally have skimmed a fair portion of it and find exploring new spots one of the most enjoyable things to do in life.

Inn 2021 I started documenting a few of these places with information to help people go to them and get the most out of skimming them. This post is about those spots I have already featured as I get ready for more.

Omaha, where OXS was born and a pretty fantastic place on its day.

Elliots Bay up here on the coast by the Bay Of Islands. Superb smaller wave skim when it’s on.

Waiwera and/or Wenderholm. Some of the consistently good flatland anywhere. Period.

Pataua North on Whangarei Coast. Very good wave skim when it’s on, not that good, when it’s not.

I’m firing up the YouTube channel to feature as many spots as I can so feel free to hit that Subscribe button while you’re there.

See you at the beach.