Carbon 150 – More Carbon In Your Skimboard

Kicking off the New Year and adding to this blog that I will be a lot more consistent on in 2023, I would like to talk.

In short carbon makes your board lighter, stiffer, stronger and more responsive. These are good things. As far as I’m aware most “carbon” boards produced around the world are mainly fibreglass with a singular layer of carbon top and bottom. We don’t need to go into the complexities of weights and weave.

I am not the first nor the last to produce boards with an extra layer or in OXS terms, Carbon 150 or boards with 150% of the standard lay up. You can peep the details in the video

So if you’re after the stiffest, strongest and most high performance board on the market then the Carbon 150 may be for you. You can click the pics below to browse a few current options.

See you at the beach!