Christmas Shipping Dates and Holiday Dates (sort of)

I’ve been working incredibly hard this year making sure shelves are stocked coming into this very intense time of year. One of the most common questions at this time of year is “Will I get my board in time?”.

Don’t take it from me, take it from the people that are moving them around, NZ Post. Screenshots direct from their website

I can assure you I do my absolute best to get everyone their skim on time which brings me to my next point…… My own Holidays.

I wait all year for the Summer rush so over the silly season I place sending and getting people their skims priority over having some time off but I will be moving around a little bit. My very tentative plans revolving around the post is that it remains open to the 23rd but then you have 4 days of no movement following that.

Post reopens on the 28th – 30 Dec and I will be available for posting out but from the 31 Dec you have 4 days of no movement with normal business resuming from the 4th of Jan 2023 (phew). Please allow for things to be moving a little slower than usual.

Please feel free to take advantage of this information and use it to plan accordingly, I will be.

See you at the beach!