The Mactail Pro Model

Last year an extremely talented rider from the Philippines came to my attention. A certain varial flip on a homemade skim was worthy of a deeper dive into his skimming. This rider is Daniel Nyeng.

After a little stretch of sponsorship we started discussing the idea of a dedicated Pro Model. This Pro Model was designed with the help of Daniel for Daniel. A Modified Kingfish shape that is a tough longer, a touch narrower with a slightly deeper fish tail and a little wing, to help free it up.

Watch the video detailing his build below

A portion of each Mactail sale goes directly to Daniel to help him build his life in the Philippines.

Some of the skimming Daniel is doing is quite honestly, freakish. Like the buzzer beating varial flip in competition

I have a few in stock and customs available for order. Mactails will be produced in all standard sizes and lay ups.

See you at the beach.