Board Socks (Finally)

Finally we have a little project we’ve been working on for a little while, Boards Socks!

The requirements from my end were for them to be simply by design, washable, affordable, can fit more than one board and of course they would need to protect your board from the elements.

My personal boards throughout the years have faired very well without one but I have experienced the most grief (from either the board or other perspective) from abrasion such as when you’re traveling in a car or boat and it sits there vibrating away on things.

These socks are your best protection against that and will help keep them cook in the sun and of course other damage you throw at them. I don’t however advise you to start curling your board across the carpark.

At the time of this blog post these socks will obviously fit all size boards as they’re designed to fit our largest wave skim but there would obviously be a lot of slack if you were to buy one for a Flave or Flatland boards…. Which is why we’re designing them for those models.

$80 sent to your door or $70 at the time of purchasing a board.

Buy online via the store here.

See you at the beach!