Carbon 150 – More Carbon In Your Skimboard

Kicking off the New Year and adding to this blog that I will be a lot more consistent on in 2023, I would like to talk.

In short carbon makes your board lighter, stiffer, stronger and more responsive. These are good things. As far as I’m aware most “carbon” boards produced around the world are mainly fibreglass with a singular layer of carbon top and bottom. We don’t need to go into the complexities of weights and weave.

I am not the first nor the last to produce boards with an extra layer or in OXS terms, Carbon 150 or boards with 150% of the standard lay up. You can peep the details in the video

So if you’re after the stiffest, strongest and most high performance board on the market then the Carbon 150 may be for you. You can click the pics below to browse a few current options.

See you at the beach!


Christmas Shipping Dates and Holiday Dates (sort of)

I’ve been working incredibly hard this year making sure shelves are stocked coming into this very intense time of year. One of the most common questions at this time of year is “Will I get my board in time?”.

Don’t take it from me, take it from the people that are moving them around, NZ Post. Screenshots direct from their website

I can assure you I do my absolute best to get everyone their skim on time which brings me to my next point…… My own Holidays.

I wait all year for the Summer rush so over the silly season I place sending and getting people their skims priority over having some time off but I will be moving around a little bit. My very tentative plans revolving around the post is that it remains open to the 23rd but then you have 4 days of no movement following that.

Post reopens on the 28th – 30 Dec and I will be available for posting out but from the 31 Dec you have 4 days of no movement with normal business resuming from the 4th of Jan 2023 (phew). Please allow for things to be moving a little slower than usual.

Please feel free to take advantage of this information and use it to plan accordingly, I will be.

See you at the beach!


The Mactail Pro Model

Last year an extremely talented rider from the Philippines came to my attention. A certain varial flip on a homemade skim was worthy of a deeper dive into his skimming. This rider is Daniel Nyeng.

After a little stretch of sponsorship we started discussing the idea of a dedicated Pro Model. This Pro Model was designed with the help of Daniel for Daniel. A Modified Kingfish shape that is a tough longer, a touch narrower with a slightly deeper fish tail and a little wing, to help free it up.

Watch the video detailing his build below

A portion of each Mactail sale goes directly to Daniel to help him build his life in the Philippines.

Some of the skimming Daniel is doing is quite honestly, freakish. Like the buzzer beating varial flip in competition

I have a few in stock and customs available for order. Mactails will be produced in all standard sizes and lay ups.

See you at the beach.


Board Socks (Finally)

Finally we have a little project we’ve been working on for a little while, Boards Socks!

The requirements from my end were for them to be simply by design, washable, affordable, can fit more than one board and of course they would need to protect your board from the elements.

My personal boards throughout the years have faired very well without one but I have experienced the most grief (from either the board or other perspective) from abrasion such as when you’re traveling in a car or boat and it sits there vibrating away on things.

These socks are your best protection against that and will help keep them cook in the sun and of course other damage you throw at them. I don’t however advise you to start curling your board across the carpark.

At the time of this blog post these socks will obviously fit all size boards as they’re designed to fit our largest wave skim but there would obviously be a lot of slack if you were to buy one for a Flave or Flatland boards…. Which is why we’re designing them for those models.

$80 sent to your door or $70 at the time of purchasing a board.

Buy online via the store here.

See you at the beach!


The Gromlin 2022 – The Best Beginner Skimboard

The word “beginner” to me means a fantastic starting platform. Maybe you’re looking to get into Skimboarding or skim some long flat runs. Maybe you’re looking to add to your quiver or skim some rails and obstacles. While the Gromlin is targeted to get you moving as far as possible, as easily as possible, this doesn’t mean it has a limit on performance when it comes to Flatland.

Learn ore about the updated Gromlins here

Take a look at some pics while you’re here

As normal you can browse and buy all Gromlin options here.

See you at the beach.


Did Someone Say Skim Trip?

Over the last several years I started to plan a few trips again. I was slowly building some momentum and then a minor pandemic came along.

A couple of attempts have been made since then and this is the latest. Before I waffle on for too long, I will just drop the YouTube video on it right here

Adding to the video here is the Facebook event.

Skim trips are always a great time full of laughs, cold water (being Winter), good skim (hopefully) and a chance to meet other skimmers. Accommodation is sorted and I will provide some snacks for $20 per night per person. You can expect probably to walk a fair few kms if we get to the intended spot of Nobody’s as seen in this video

I’m not one for laying out an exact itinerary but I will keep this post updated as things eventuate, feel free to get in touch if this sounds like a bit of you. Email or DM via the socials.

See you at the beach.


Update one

Updating the new “Updates” page on your semi new website in the middle of the Christmas rush doesn’t quite stand on the top of my priorities list. To say I’ve been busy is an understatement and I know fair well that there’s going to be some Skimboard shaped packages under trees.

Anyway to keep it simple and use my favourite type of media which is video, here is a video update from Instagram a few days ago.

I intend to keep this page updated with all news OXS so Keep your eyes peeled.

See you at the beach.

– Sam